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Made in USA Black Anodized Rack and Pinions. Front steering Center Pivot is ideal for A-arm cars. This Rack features a 1.0 or 1.5 inch Chrome Moly rack gear and 6061 T-6 Anodized  Aluminum housing. It is available with a 9.5 or 13.5 inch length Body Made in USA  Rack and Pinions. Endload Racks are often used by chassis builders when the Tie Rod Spread exceeds 13 inches for an A-arm car. This rack is available with a 1.0 or 1.5 inch Heat Treated Chrome Moly Pinion Gear and Billet 6061 T-6 Rack and Pinion Clamp Coupler 3/4 Keyway
Front steer center pivot rack and pinion
End steer rack and pinions
Rack and Pinion Clamp Coupler 3/4 Keyway imported
Steering Shafts 3/4-48 Heavy duty U-joints are the best solution for Rack and Pinion and Steering Shaft geometry. Keyed, splined and Smooth joint openings allow the desired combination necessary for the build.
Comes in 3.75,4.875,6.0,8.875,10.00,12.00,15.00,18.00,32.00,36.00,48
Smooth, keyed and splined forged U joints