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3/4" Made in USA Weld in Threaded Bungs
Weld in threaded bungs are used when fabricating A-arms and link suspension. Bungs are measured on the outside diameter for the tubing size and inside threaded hole for a heim or bolt. Bungs are available with or without shoulder.Weld-In Bungs & Fittings,
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Product Code: WELDBUNG3-4

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3/4 weld in bung options*:

Weld in Threaded Bungs are used when fabricating A-arms and linked suspension. Bungs are measured on the outside diameter for the tubing size and inside threaded hole for a heim or bolt. Bungs are available with a Shoulder, Tapered or Straight. Click here for Rod Ends

Part #
Threaded hole
Bung OD
Tubing size
Bung Style
WB3/4X1.00RSH 3/4" 1.001.25X.1203/4-16 Right
WB3/4X1.00LSH3/4" 1.001.25X.1203/4-16 LeftShouldered
WB3/4X1.00RST3/4" 1.001.25X.1203/4-16 Right Straight
WB3/4X1.00LST 3/4"1.001.25X.1203/4-16 LeftStraight
WB3/4X1.00RTP3/4"1.001.25X.1203/4-16 Right Tapered
WB3/4X1.00LTP3/4"1.001.25X.1203/4-16 LeftTapered
WB3/4X1.050RTP 3/4"1.0501.25X.0953/4-16 Right Tapered
WB3/4X1.050RSH3/4"1.0501.25X.0953/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.050LSH3/4"1.0501.25X.0953/4-16 LeftShouldered
WB3/4X1.056RST 3/4"1.056 1.25X.0953/4-16 Right Straight
WB3/4X1.056LST 3/4" 1.0561.25X.0953/4-16 LeftStraight
WB3/4X1.084RTP 3/4" 1.0841.25X.0953/4-16 Right Tapered
WB3/4X1.084LTP3/4"1.0841.25X.0953/4-16 LeftTapered
WB3/4X1.120RSH3/4"1.1201.25X.0653/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.120RTP3/4"1.1201.25X.0653/4-16 Right Tapered
WB3/4X1.120LTP3/4"1.1201.25X.0653/4-16 LeftTapered
WB3/4X1.135RSH3/4"1.1351.37X.1203/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.185RSH3/4"1.1851.37X.0953/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.185LSH3/4"1.1851.37X.0953/4-16 LeftShouldered
WB3/4X1.205RSH3/4"1.0841.375X.0833/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.25RSH3/4"1.2051.50X.1203/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.25LSH3/4"1.251.50X.1203/4-16 LeftShouldered
WB3/4X1.25RST3/4"1.251.50X.1203/4-16 Right Straight
WB3/4X1.25LST3/4"1.251.50X.1203/4-16 LeftStraight
WB3/4X1.25RTP3/4"1.251.50X.1203/4-16 Right Tapered
WB3/4X1.25LTP3/4"1.251.50X.1203/4-16 LeftTapered
WB3/4X1.310RSH3/4"1.3101.50X.0953/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.310LSH3/4"1.3101.50X.0953/4-16 LeftShouldered
WB3/4X1.310RTP3/4"1.3101.50X.0953/4-16 Right Tapered
WB3/4X1.334RSH3/4"1.3341.50X.0833/4-16 Right Shouldered
WB3/4X1.334LSH3/4"1.3341.50X.0833/4-16 LeftShouldered
WB3/4X1.334RTP3/4"1.3341.50X.0833/4-16 Right Tapered
WB3/4X1.375RST3/4"1.375 1.625X.1203/4-16 Right Straight
WB3/4X1.50RST3/4"1.501.50X3.003/4-16 Right Straight
WB3/4X1.75RST3/4"1.751.75X3.003/4-16 Right Straight
3/4".8752.0X.1203/4-16 Right Shouldered

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